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Why travel and hospitality survey important in 2018?

  • Key challenges facing travel and hospitality industry
  • Competition continues to drive consolidation
  • Challenge with the distribution of products and services
  • Challenge sustaining the loyalty of clients
  • Commoditisation in travel industry needs disrupting and compelling content

  • These are just some of the key deciders that are affecting hotels and hospitality industry. Please read the article about the ways to counter the evolving challenges and how to mitigate the risks and ensure inclusion of surveys help them evolve.

    Travel and hospitality industry is growing at a faster speed. The entire segment is requiring great facelift given the tough competition from existing market forces. Although travel and tourism industry is major foreign exchange earner for a good number of countries around the world, the entire industry requires to become modernized. The competition from other industry that are working aligned to tourism, the rise of modern technologies and the need to constantly align the existing technologies with new processes and systems etc, made the industry of travel and hospitality to revive. The year 2018 will see a range of facelifts for the industry.

    Some of the leading trends that will drive the industry in the new year include the addition of holistic system, face-lifting the technical system of the brands, changing with the rapidly rising demands of the clients etc., to name but a few. The entire industry requires adequate changes and need to be aligned with the existing technologies. This is where - for the sake of changing it - companies working in the industry need to align themselves.

    The importance of survey for hotels and hospitality industry

  • Hotels And Hospitality Industry By Using Surveys can understand the key drivers of growth. They can pinpoint the rising and evolving demands of clients and thereby channelize their entire process for better growth momentum.
  • The surveys give the industry players a boost to understand where they are lacking and what they need to do in order to counter the evolving challenges.
  • The surveys provide a launch pad for the brands to utilize their ideas and understand the future growth prospects.
  • The surveys when done with some rewards and consumer centric sentiments ensure that you become a loyal base of consumers and that they count on you for the awesome range of services you offer
  • Surveys inform and educate consumers, and make them feel that you value their feedback. They spread your marketing through word of mouth and thereby improve the possibility of making your products and services highly valued.

  • The year 2018 is going to be enough of competition and risks for the entire industry. The rising global instability, threat of nuclear war, the political instability across the world and other key factors hughly Impact The Travel And Hospitality Industry. Therefore; those who are working in the industry need to change.

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