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Online surveys are a good and affordable way of understanding how successful your brand is, directly from the consumers. Currently, there are numerous free online survey & questionnaire tools that may be used to define survey questions in a bid to get valuable responses. Such tools will also allow you to create links and sent them out for the respondents to fill the survey. The majority of these tools also offer sophisticated functionalities, which can be very important when you are planning for something more complicated than an online survey. So, what exactly can these tools do for you?

Gives Surveys a Flexible Feel and Look

With the free online survey tools, you can customize the appearance and feel of the surveys, in line with the requirements of your company or organization. A survey that is prominently branded will command attention in the eyes of the respondents, which will help you have a greater response rate.  The various tools have features allowing you to customize the font, colour and header graphics of the survey questionnaire.

Allows You to Skip Logic

If the survey is a bit complicated, it is advisable to allow the respondents to skip some portions of the survey. Allowing the respondents to skip the sections that do not concern them will ensure that you get quality information. The free online survey tools will allow you to create the skip logic functionality in your online surveys.

Offers a Piping Functionality

The piping functionality, found in some of the free online survey & questionnaire tools, allows you to pull from a certain section of the survey questionnaire and insert them in another part of the same survey. For instance, if you had asked the respondent where they live and responded New York, you can then use the piping feature to redirect them to the question ‘what do you love about New York city?’ Some more advanced versions of the free tools will allow you to combine the skip logic functionality with piping for better quality responses.

They allow for Website Integration

While some of the available online survey and questionnaire tools only allow the user to create surveys on their websites. However, there are other free tools that will allow you to integrate the survey to your company website. This is important when you are conducting a poll.

Owing to their many benefits and useful functionalities, free online survey & questionnaire tools are a preferred way of creating online surveys today.

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