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Top Questions should be included in Social Media Survey

We will precisely cover only a few questions that matter when it comes to getting impactful outcomes from a social media survey. When Designing A Survey, as an author who prepares the questionnaire, you should understand the interests of people who would join the survey, and then prepare the questionnaire.

Here is a list of some questions

First, get some generic information that prepare

  • Choose gender

  • Give them space to enter their date of birth

  • Select their marital status

  • Ask about the occupation

  • Ask about their educational qualification

  • Some of the questions -

  • Are you member of any social network

  • How do you access your social networks?

  • Do you like spending time on the sites?

  • Online social network - Usability stats

  • Do you think social networks are a great tool?

  • Which are the benefits of using social networks?

  • The above-mentioned are only a few generic questions that should set the base of your online survey.

    The Online Survey Need To Be Decisive And Methodical. Please refrain from using any questions that might hurt the sentiments of the person who answer. Before choosing the proper method of asking the questions, you should research on the behavior of the audience.

    The more detailed and simple is your overall effort in asking the questions to your audiences; better is your overall strategy. So, before Preparing A Survey Questionnaire; ask your attendants that if they want to be asked about any question. The more friend and easy your overall questions are, better is your overall strategy.

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