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Mobile Banking Survey - Dos and Don'ts

Consumer decision-making process is highly critical and channel-sensitive. It depends on a number of standalone factors for a consumer to decide whether to trust a given brand or not. In order to retain audience interests and make your brand popular across industries, demands and consumer preference eco system; brands should use survey as a key tool. A survey gives better idea of growth achieved through holistic processes. Be it any industry - whether you belong to banking and financial industry or you are from technology industry or simply any other ones; a survey gives better idea of your capability and the core areas that need working. The endpoint of literally any survey is to design, develop and manage a happy brand by integrating useful feedback gathered from consumers.

However, there are certainly some do's and don'ts when it comes to designing a good survey. So, when you design a survey for example a mobile banking survey; which are the key things that you will consider important? Please find below some of these -


Always ask the proper set of important question. Mobile Survey Need To Be Short And Simple; and if you take enough time of your audiences; you will literally end up with a survey that is not performing. So, always ask specifically important question

A survey question done on a mobile device should be quick to complete. People do not have enough time as we mentioned earlier. So, encourage them to answer using easy to answer and non time consuming questions. Be precise and act on brevity.

A mobile Banking Survey Should Always Focus On Understanding Audience Challenges. Privacy and leakage of sensitive banking information and modules could be a cause of concern among attendees and thus some of them might not participate in your survey. So, always encourage participation by dispelling the common anxieties and concerns. Make them believe that your survey is going to help them in their seeking of banking services and not intervene in their privacy

A mobile banking survey should be analytically driven. Please make sure to yield better values and analytics from the survey so that you can incorporate the data into designing effortless and value-driven strategy to better improve and accelerate your offerings.


  • Never ask personally identifiable information which marketers can use from users
  • Never make the process boring. Instead of asking close ended questions; give them space so that they can answer easily
  • Never criticize their efforts on savings or try to recommend them towards a service. Make them feel that you are conducting the survey without any biasness.

  • These are a few of some of the important things that you should carefully take into consideration when it comes to Choosing A Good Survey. Please feel free to ask relevant and easy to give answers. A survey tends to be good only if it can holistically integrate useful information!

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