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Conducting surveys are important for better decision making. Surveys are crucial and should be done primarily before starting any project and at the launch to gather customer's feedback. Their unbiased nature gives an honest solution that is hard to obtain from any other source.
Surveys are crucial at every stage of the product lifecycle to develop the most desirable product. The important part in commencing a survey is that it should get more response. If the effective response is missing in the procedure then it is time to work on reframing the questions, structure and format.

Here are few tips to make your survey effective and more responsive.

  • Disguise your survey as a quiz
People are more interested in filling a quiz than a survey. You can also benefit from this condition by making your survey interesting and make it feel like a quiz. Also, mention 'Take our quiz' instead of saying 'Fill out our survey’.


  • The ideal survey length
The surveys should be of right length i.e. not too long and not too short. A survey of more than fifteen questions is considered long and people may lose interest while going through it. Keep it short, simple and interesting.


  • The right type of questions
Question type is of prime consideration. It is important to frame right type of question to improve customer engagement. Introduce interactive questions such as smiley and star ratings, choosing the image, or advanced gaming features to involve customers and high completion rate. This expands your brand image and increases profitability.


  • Include a progress bar
Make your survey go-ahead by introducing a progress bar for customer’s convenience


  • Make the first-page simple
As soon as people click the link they want to start without any delay. Simply start your survey with simple questions and must provide them information at the start such as.


  • What is this survey for?
  • What it contains?
  • What will you do with the results?


Surveys are meant to provide the idea of the project, its outcome etc. To learn more about online survey questionnaire, visit our website.
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