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How to Improve Response Rate on Professional Only Surveys

Currently, there are numerous survey tools that may be used to formulate online surveys. It can be very frustrating for the survey developer to create a survey that gets minimal attention from the target audience. After spending a considerable amount of time and resources to craft a quality and targeted online survey, your desire is that it gets to the target audience and that the majority of the respondents answer the survey questions. Additionally, getting data from many people will help the company arrive at the right conclusions and make informed business decisions. So, how do you get as many respondents as possible to respond to your professional only survey ?

Targeting the audience

There are various ways of sending your survey. Generally, very few people will be interested in responding to survey questions that do not concern them in any way. As such, you must ensure that the surveys are delivered to the right audience, regardless of the method you use to send them. Various methods, such as web communities and newsgroups, may be used to send out surveys, but online survey sites and emails are the best methods to target your surveys.

Keep the invitations short and precise

Many email users will only take a glance at an email to know the content. As such, you should strive to grab the attention of your target audience in a few words and make them want to fill the survey. Some of the things you may need to include in the invitation email are: 


•    Who you are and why you would  like the respondent to fill the survey
•    The benefit of the survey to the respondent and to your company
•    The length of the survey, and probably how long it would take to fill the survey
•    You may also include a privacy statement, if it is applicable to your company.


Offering gifts or a chance to win a certain price after filling the survey will encourage more respondents to fill your survey. Many people today would like to get something for spending their time on something. As such, you can be sure to increase the response rate on your professional only survey if you offer incentives.

Owing to the essence of professional only surveys in improving the working environment and service delivery in the company, many companies are looking for ways to improve response rates on such surveys. To improve the response rate on your surveys, you should consider using these tips.

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