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How To Increase Response Rate To Survey Questionnaire And Convert Attendees Into Paying Customers?

Survey offers organizations credible ways to learn about their employees and customers, and provide them with transparent, accurate and measurable data that is literally unachievable using other means of communication. However, one functional challenge most organizations often face while making use of the questionnaire is the low response rate.

Some people might simply refuse to participate while others - for a number of genuine reasons - might prefer to skip answering the questions. Still, a well-put survey questionnaire with meaningful incentives and techniques to elicit answers can yield healthy responses.

Ways to increase response rate to survey questionnaire

Ways to increase response rate to survey questionnaire and covert attendees into paying customers

  • Choose a genuinely healthy survey length for your audience
  • Make sure that the survey is simple, easy
  • Encourage the attendees to participate using holistic measures
  • Send participants through email and other means of communication that they will receive their survey
  • Inform participants how the responses will be used
  • Show a progress bar to notify participants about how much time is left to conclude a survey
  • Optimize surveys for all devices

  • Get inspirations from previously answered questions

    Get inspirations from previously answered questions and try to add more of those questions; which have easy answers

  • Do not ask too many open ended questions
  • Offer an incentive. It encourages participation
  • Brand your survey. Make sure that the participants know whom they are giving answers to
  • Promote anonymity. Then you can increase response rate

  • These are just a few ways in order to encourage more value, you need to trim the questionnaire, make it easily accessible and comfortable for participants to answer. Moreover, you should promote easy answering culture and even offer incentives.

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