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One of the most common research instrument used widely across various industries and businesses to gather information on various subjects; questionnaires are often used for statistical analytic purpose. It is also considered as a method of data collection. Thus, it is very important to frame it in right and proper manner.

So, here we are listing down the complete checklist that can actually help you make a result oriented Online Survey Questionnaire. Take a look:

  • Structure out the outline and format of the questionnaire first

  • Before you actually step into framing the questionnaire, it is very important to know the right purpose. Also, make sure to give it a proper title as it is the first thing that people will look onto. Deciding the question format and a proper end to the questionnaire is also very important.

  • Don’t forget to give your questionnaire a nice introduction

  • Once you know the primary purpose of using this tool, make sure to present in right frame of words which can help in making the right connectivity with the respondents. Also, ensure guarantee of confidentiality of all respondents here itself and don’t forget to give brief introduction of the company for which you are using this tool.

  • Read all your questions and its options thoroughly

  • Make sure that all the questions which are putting in questionnaire are relevant and do make some sense. Keep them arranged in order of general to specific. Not just the questions but you should also check the answer options too. A thorough check of both questions and answers ensure that you are making best use of this tool.

  • Avoid any kind of language or grammatical error

  • One of the very important things to always take care of is the right use of language. Always avoid using jargon, technical words and complicated language. Making grammatical and spelling errors is a big NO. So, make sure to keep an eagle eye on the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

  • Last but not the least; preview and Test Your Survey Before Actually Launching it

  • Test out your survey well. Check the time and validate it with you friends and colleagues to get the appropriate version of it.

Next time before you frame out a survey don’t forget to keep a check of above mentioned points.

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