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10 Ways to Immediately Start Selling restaurant survey questionnaire

Surveying your customers is as important as opening a restaurant . The practice of surveying caters an abundance of information about how your prospects feel about the restaurant's menu, customer service, food and overall restaurant quality.

Getting customer's feedback helps you grab attention towards positive and negative points of the restaurant that is essential to improve its quality. The valuable reviews of customers guide to stay tuned with the current market situation and bolster new customers.

Though there are many questions to ask your customers but below are some best and most results-oriented questions that are helpful to reinforce restaurant sales.

10 Ways To Immediately Start Selling restaurant survey questionnaire




10 Ways To Immediately Start Selling restaurant survey questionnaire:


  • The number of times a customer dines in the restaurant:


This question is very important to ask in a questionnaire as this will give you the idea that how often the customer used to visit your restaurant? You can easily get a very clear picture of the number of your regular, frequent diner and infrequent clients.


  • Is the restaurant have enough choice of healthy food?:


This question is important to know about your restaurant healthy food quality. People always prefer healthy and hygienic food. This question tells you about your food quality for healthiness.


  • What is the best thing that describes our food and services?:


This question is widely used and most preferred by many restaurants as it helps in getting the clear picture of the services that are delivering the best results and the food that is most liked by the diners. 


  • Food and services least liked by the diners:


This question is of utmost importance that helps you overcome the weakness and deficiency found by the customers in the food and services. 


  • How brisk and decent is the service:


Customers always appreciate speedy and satisfactory services. This question helps you conquer the weakness and maintain the speediness of the service.


  • Staff's efficiency in serving needs of the clients:


You should know about your staff efficiency. Reviews from customers provide an advisable picture that helps you detect the staff's competency and performance.


  • How is the restaurant's cleanliness quality:


Cleanliness is very crucial and of prime concern for any restaurant.  Customer's feedback on cleanliness quality can give the sense of improvement required.


  • Is the restaurant favourable to the family:


It is important to know the restaurant's affability for the family. A family favourable restaurant is mostly preferred by the customers.


  • How do you recommend us to friends or family:


It is essential to know that if the customer recommends the restaurant to their friends. If there are negative reviews they help to improve the quality for better.


  • Any special recommendations:


It is always profitable to ask about customer's suggestions to add more quality and increase restaurant's value.


It is important to encourage customers to fill the questionnaire that helps in getting the actual picture. This helps in improving the overall quality that ultimately helps in increasing profit by visiting our website.
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